I usually ask guests after arriving in Oman about the first time that they heard about the country and if they know anything about it.

As much as the answers varied, they were mostly in and around the same range. Some people heard about Oman for the first time when international news announced the passing of Swedish musician Avicii, during his stay at a hotel in the Omani Capital, Muscat. Other people heard about Oman for the first time when they stumbled upon Oman Air flights en route to Southeast Asia which lead to wonder about the essence of this country. A lot of people said they discovered Oman after traveling to Dubai and decided to escape the ‘lavish city’, seeking a break from the riotous night life. So after checking Google maps they see a country close by on the border of the Emirates called OMAN!

This does not neglect the fact that Oman was on the bucket list for plenty of travelers who were planning to visit Oman for a long time and have a good idea about the country. Therefore, Oman is a mysterious place for many of its honorable visitors perhaps because most of what happens here rarely make any international news headlines.

A slight look to Omani history and you will be surprised as some ancient archaeological sites discovered in Muscat date back to 6000BC. Many of the archaeological sites have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Oman’s has cultural, religious and ethnical influence to vast areas of East Africa, Indian sub continent and Iran.

Oman is known as one of the safest countries in the world and for this reason, it is a great country for solo female travelers. However travelers must adhere to the dress code and behavior code recognized in Omani society. Oman is considered a conservative Muslim country so please respect the customs and traditions while you are visiting.

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